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Marston Moor Opens it Doors

by Editor


Front of store at marston moorTo survive in business today it is critical that a business changes with a changing market. Six months ago we reviewed our relationship with the Paper Plus Group. We decided that in order to maintain and grow a viable business and also provide great and relevant service to our local community, change was needed.


After considerable analysis we decided to leave Paper Plus  go independent and launch our new retail brand Marston Moor into the New Zealand market.


The name Marston Moor came from a famous battlefield in the United Kingdom where in 1644 during the English civil war the Parliamentarians and Oliver Cromwell decisively beat the Royalists. It was the little guy taking on the big guy and winning! While this may be of historic interest, we actually liked the metaphor us against the big corporates.


While change is good do not worry as we will continue to stock books, stationery, and art supplies and still maintaining the important emphasis of education and reading.


The largest change is the introduction of a great range of quality but affordable homewares to become the home of both office and home essentials. Prior to leaving Paper Plus we were strictly limited to what product we could stock. This has now changed and you will observe, not only homewares, but different brands and different products we think you will like appearing in store.


And, some may have thought that by leaving the Paper Plus Group our purchasing power would be diminished and costs would increase. The contrary is true. We will be able to not only maintain prices but improve many of them. One large stationery supplier advised us that not only would our prices improve but stated that our current purchases with their business was larger than the rest of the Paper Plus Group of stores combined!


In addition, becoming independent means we are no longer restricted to their price levels or allocated products. So we would like to announce the introduction of our new commercial stationery service www.officecentre.co.nz. This strictly online business allows us to deliver a huge range of products that is physically impossible for us to stock in the store at really, really, really great prices.


We are aware that a large proportion of stationery purchases are currently made outside the district. Online purchasing is convenient and easy and prices are more often better. The downside is every time dollars are spent outside our community it makes us all the poorer.  However, in today's environment, to meet budget demands, we all need to extract cost from our business and cannot afford to buy local unless price and service are at least comparable.


With the introduction of www.officecentre.co.nz you can now support local and still benefit from low prices and have product delivered to your door.


For more information about marston moor go to www.marstonmoor.co.nz




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