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Busabout Kaitaia Fights For Funding

by Editor


Kaitaia's public bus service lobby's hard for public subsidy to continue. CEO, Mr Colquhoun noted that, "According to the NRC, who have done a study on the Busabout Kaitaia service, we don't have the passenger numbers to warrant funding. But what comes first - the passengers or the buses? And our passenger numbers are steadily climbing. 


Mr Colquhoun believes the key issues are:

- The community has set the whole structure up including negotiating bus stops, timetables, marketing and promotions.


- The community whether they are a user or not love the services.

- We run an efficient system (We stick to timetables).

- Regional and nationally there is a desire by the public and politicians to establish public transport systems. The Kaitaia services have been set up at no cost to Regional Council or Transport Ministry.

- CBEC is happy to continue to take total responsibility for driving the developing and maintenance of the services.

- We have brought – wisely on the buses we selected e.g. tidy, older 19 seaters, which are affordable to run and can still accommodate increased usage.

- We have established areas we can reduce unnecessary costs of the service.

- We are starting to bring in extra revenue from carrying out charter work (Forwarded to us by other local bus operators who don’t have small buses available). All this extra revenue is going into supporting the public bus services.

- The buses are also run on biofuel sourced from around Kaitaia which have a very small carbon footprint.


What do you think. Please post your comments.

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