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Te Ahu Centre Construction

by Editor


Now the controversial Te Ahu Centre is under construction the Trust and Council needs to determine the future of the exisiting buildings vacated when the Te Ahu complex is completed. Mayor Mr Wayne Brown said an expression of interest had already been received for the old service centre but if nobody wants them they come down.


This has been a long and often controversial project with many putting forward differing opinions on design and construction. However, it is great that we have district investment happening in Kaitaia.


Some serious thought should be given to the buildings soon to be redundant. Rather than just sell them off and let the market decide the future of these assets  maybe there are other options. For instance old service centre could be created into a working art centre. There may be many other ideas in the community and it is time to make expressions of interest.


What do you think?

02:41 PM 29-Dec-11    by henk   from ahipara Public
we need a art centre and clubrooms with storage for our local clubs for weekly meetings etc.and diplay space. senior computer learning? teenage meetingplace-music- coffeebar- get them of the street thank Henk
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