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Tourist benefits of the Mangamuka Gorge revealed

by Editor


Could this become an annual event? Not for the faint hearted or the those of us that watch sports from the comfort of an arm chair but what a buzzzzzz! Check out the video. 


We have great surfing around our town but little did we realise we had the greatest skateboard track in the southern hemisphere! With a summit of 383m, the road is known to be one of the most winding, twisty and hilly section of the entire length of highway in New Zealand.


Watch out for logging trucks though!


09:44 AM 26-Aug-12    by Ari   from Pamapuria Public
DAMN!!!!!!!!!!....you are sssssoooo GAME.....must say surely GOT balls taking the risk of missing LOGGING TRUCKS......glad you got down to the bottom safely....however you are straight there very game......lol hope not too many people see this post.....might give our LOCALS ideas!!!!.. ;-)
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